S.U. 1º de Dezembro sports club, Portugal

S.U. 1º de Dezembro sports club, Portugal

Currently, among the top football clubs in Portugal, it is believed that it was formed way back on December 1st, 1880 just as the name suggests. Various sources state that the club was established by the then king of Portugal D. Carlos.
History dictates that this club started originally as a society that was purposely meant to support not only football sporting activities but other recreational activities such as music and dance among others.
It however transformed into a fully recognized football club in Portugal years after its establishment.

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SU 1º Dezembro brief club history

As stated hereinabove, the club initially started as a general recreational activities society. One of the notable names associable to this period of the club was the Royal Philharmonic dance groups which are said to have collapsed sometimes in the early 1920s.
After that came the “terrible group” in 1933 a group that engaged in various is sporting activities such as table tennis, cycling, and soccer among others. The group, however, faced numerous financial challenges leading to its untimely collapse a few years after its establishment.

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It wasn’t until the early months of 1938 when the so-called society as it was originally formed transformed to the fully operational football club that we know of today.
The club has both men as well as women division. The men division which currently plays in the Campeonato De Portugal league is said to have boon founded on 6th April 1938.
The women division, on the other hand, was founded sometimes in 1995 and plays in Portugal’s top and most prestigious national women football league. This division has a quite exemplary success record considering that they managed to win eleven championships titles in a row between the years 2001 and 2012 having won their first ever title in the 199-2000 season.
They have however not been able to carry on with this success in the UEFA Women’s Cup league. Having qualified for the same on several occasions, they have not managed to progress far into this championship.

Clubs current profile.

The men’s team currently has a squad of 30 players of different nationalities. Fourteen out of the 30 players are foreigners. The club also boasts of relatively young players the current average age standing at twenty-four years (24). The club also has some considerably quality skilled players considering it has international players in its squad.
The current clubs overall market value stands at four hundred and seventy-three euros. (473,000)
Luisinho a center forward and Ruizinho are currently the key and top scorers that the club currently boasts of.
Though the club has a quite substantial following, their stadium the Conde Sucena has a capacity of only one thousand seats. That’s a considerably low capacity stadium compared to other club stadiums playing in the same division in Portugal.
41 years old Hugo Martins is the clubs, current manager. Other technical staff members include Marco Paulo, Bruno Alvares, and Jose Martins.

The club currently stands at position eight in the 2018-2019 Champonate De Portugal season having started the year at a quite commendable high note. Impressively, the club has only suffered one loss in January securing three convincing and consecutive. Of key to note is that two of these wins are from away matches.